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22 March 2024

DOST-PAGASA S & T Media Service
22 March 2024, Quezon City


The retreat of the High-Pressure Area over Siberia indicates an apparent weakening of Amihan. Furthermore, the strengthening of the North Pacific High has led to a gradual shift in the wind pattern from northeasterly to easterly and an increase in the air temperature over most parts of the country. These signify the end of the Northeast Monsoon (Amihan) and the beginning of the warm and dry season. In the coming months, the number of dry and warm days across the country will continue to increase, although isolated thunderstorms are also likely to occur, usually in the afternoon or evening.
The public and all concerned government agencies are advised to continue their ongoing precautionary measures to minimize heat stress, optimize the daily use of water for personal and domestic consumption, and prevent any accompanying health risks associated with this climate condition.
Moreover, with the ongoing El Nino, a significant reduction from the normal rainfall or drier-than-usual conditions will likely continue which may bring negative impacts (such as dry spells and droughts) in most areas of the country. The different climate-sensitive sectors such as the water resources, agriculture, energy, health, public safety, and other key sectors in the country may continue to be adversely affected.

DOST-PAGASA will continue to closely monitor the country's weather and climatic conditions and their likely impacts, therefore, the public and all concerned agencies are advised to regularly monitor for relevant updates.

For more information, you may reach us by phone at (02) 8284-0800 local 4801 (Weather Forecasting Section) and 4920/4921 (Climate Monitoring and Prediction Section) or through email at;

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