Asian Cities
Issued at 4:30 PM today, 24 February 2024
Valid Beginning 4:30 PM today until 4:30 PM tomorrow
Place Weather Temperature
High Low
Bangkok, Thailand
38°C 26°C
Beijing, China
8°C -5°C
33°C 26°C
Hanoi, Vietnam
22°C 18°C
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
35°C 25°C
Hong Kong, China
20°C 16°C
Jakarta, Indonesia
28°C 24°C
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
34°C 24°C
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
35°C 25°C
Seoul, South Korea
8°C 1°C
34°C 24°C
Sydney, Australia
27°C 18°C
Taipei, Taiwan
17°C 12°C
Tokyo, Japan
7°C 3°C
Yangon, Myanmar
34°C 20°C

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