Products and Services

The major services provided by PAGASA include the provision of weather forecasts and tropical cyclone warnings, flood bulletins and advisories, hydrological, climatological and farm weather forecasts.

Services Products
Weather Forecast & Tropical Cyclone Warning
  • 24-Hr Public Weather Forecast issued twice daily and 4-day Extended Weather Outlook for Selected Cities
  • 5-day Weather Outlook for Selected Tourist Areas
  • Severe Weather Bulletins: 6-hourly Tropical Cyclone Warnings
  • Hourly Tropical Cyclone Update
  • Shipping forecasts & Tropical Cyclone Warning for Shipping
  • Gale Warning
  • Storm Surge Warning
  • Rainfall Warning system
  • Thunderstorm Alert System
Flood Forecasting & Warning Services
  • Basin Flood Bulletins for Telemetered Basins and General Flood Advisories for the Non-Telemetered Basins
  • Dam Discharge Warning Information during Spilling Operation of the Monitored dams
  • Community-Based Flood Early Warning System
  • Daily hydrological forecasts during Non-Flood Watch
Climatological & Farm Weather Services
Research and Development
  • Conduct of R&D on Hydrometeorology, Tropical Meteorology, Weather Modification, Meteorological and Hydrological Instruments and on Astronomy, Space Science and applications
  • Dispatch Storm Chaser Team to areas threatened and affected by typhoons
  • Conduct Calibration, Repairs & Testing (for private and government sectors) of Barometers and other related Equipment
  • Assist Researchers from Different Schools, Colleges, Universities and other Agencies
Astronomical Services
  • Philippine Standard Time (PST)
  • Promotion of Astronomy through Stargazing/Telescoping Sessions and Planetarium Shows
  • Planetarium tour in selected areas in Luzon
Information, Education and Public Outreach
  • Public Awareness Campaign on Natural Hazards, specifically Weather, Climate, Typhoons, Floods, Storm Surges and other related hazards
  • Conduct of Seminars/Workshops on Meteorological & Hydro-meteorological Hazards
  • Conduct of Seminar for Science Teachers on Basic Astronomy
  • Public Information Drive for the target areas of monitored Dams
  • Conduct of Flood Drills
  • Conduct of Annual Media Seminar-Workshops on PAGASA Services
  • Conduct of Annual Typhoon and Flood Awareness Week
  • Participation in Special Events like Exhibitions, School Celebration and other government and non-government organizations
  • Development of PAGASA print materials and non-print materials (flyers, brochures, posters and exhibit display materials)