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DOST-PAGASA Celebrates the 159th National/74th World Meteorological Da

22 March 2024

DOST-PAGASA S & T Media Service
22 March 2024, Quezon City

DOST-PAGASA Celebrates the 159th National/74th World Meteorological Day 2024
The PAGASA joins in the observance of World Meteorological Day on March 22, 2024, under the timely theme “At the Frontline of Climate Action.” The observance aims to signify the international commitments and response of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) of the United Nations on early warning on weather and climate issues that inter-relate to many global challenges in averting environmental and humanitarian crises disasters. The WMO urgently targets to implement an “early warning for all” initiative by the end of 2027.

The Philippines has been a member of the WMO since 1950 through the National Hydrometeorological Service, the PAGASA. Together with our counterparts from many nations, our government agency undertakes open scientific exchange of atmospheric data as completely as it is able within the global meteorological community. This close cooperation engendered by the principle of scientific internationalism in meteorology and related fields is the main reason weather forecasting and monitoring of the global climate is made possible today and continues progressing into the future.
Professor Andrea Celeste Saulo, the first female and South American Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and her first time as Secretary-General to celebrate WMDay, will launch the activities worldwide and report on the state of the world weather and climate. The PAGASA Administrator, Dr. Nathaniel T. Servando as permanent Philippine Representative to the WMO will lead in launching coinciding activities at the DOST-PAGASA (central office) in Quezon City simultaneous with the regional field stations nationwide a day earlier this March 22nd, a Friday. By presidential proclamation No. 549, series of 1995, every 23rd March is celebrated concurrently with WM Day as National Meteorological Day under a sub-theme inviting all the government offices and the general public to join in the significant observance. Several Programs of Activities were lined up for this national/world meteorological celebration. A pre-event and kick-off for the above celebration are the Press Conference on ENSO Update for El Nino and La Nina Watch, On-the-Spot Poster Making contest, Philippine Meteorological Society Annual Convention, Met-TOURology: A tour in the Meteorological Institutes in Quezon City, and the PAGASA Regional Services Divisions (PRSD) Virtual Tour: Local Public Weather Services.
The activities on 22 March 2024, a Scientific Forum that will be attended by PAGASA’s partner and cooperating agencies, academe, El Niño Task Force, Humanitarian Country Team (HTC), and other public and private stakeholders will be held simultaneously with the PAGASA employees fun-filled activities. The winners of the WM Day on-the-spot poster-making contest (college level) will also be announced, the “Front Liner and Climate Action” themed artworks will be unveiled for public display at the PAGASA Central Office main lobby, Science Garden, Miriam Defensor Santiago Avenue, (formerly Agham Road), Quezon City.

Moreover, a Press Conference cum Launching on the “Updated Climate Projections in the Philippines” an innovation that will improve the monitoring/assessment of climate projections this is alongside the updates on the occurring El Nino and increasing probability of possible La Nina later this year. The PAGASA experts in climatology and hydrometeorology together with their counterparts in the government water resources management, the academe, and the concerned public-private sector will focus on the state of readiness for Philippine water security and managing impending flood hazards. Our water resources are vital to a sustainable future for our country, yearly confronted by tropical climate extremes ranging from water shortages in the dry season to over-abundance during the wet seasons, this 2024 scenario may swing more than normal due to the ENSO event.

Culminating the whole day's activities is the PAGASA Wind Vane Awards. Traditionally the prestigious award is bestowed on several individuals or institutions who have exceptionally aided public weather disaster warnings and mitigation. The past recipients are notable personalities in media, the academe, government officials, and public servants but the award has also included ordinary private citizens who have performed outstanding volunteerism in disaster warning or as emergency first responders.

For more information about the above program of activities, you may contact the Organizers at the following telephone numbers 8284-0800 local 4925, or 4865.


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