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DOST-PAGASA launches innovation in communicating and disseminating we

19 June 2024

DOST-PAGASA S&T Media Service
Quezon City, 19 June 2024

In observance of this year’s Typhoon and Flood Awareness Week, DOST- PAGASA launches its enhancement in the websites of the PAGASA Regional Services Divisions, PAGASA Nationwide Met-Hydro Observing Network (PANAHON), and introduces the PAGASA’s official “Chance of Rain” forecast for selected key cities in the Philippines as part of the continuous improvement in the Agency’s services to the general public.

PAGASA Regional Services Website

PAGASA has five (5) regional services divisions in Northern Luzon, National Capital Region, Southern Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao provide localized forecasts in their respective forecast areas. One way to disseminate this localized weather forecast is by using a tailor-fit website. The older version of the regional services divisions’ website has its respective design and format including the forecast product. The new version offers a harmonized user experience in accessing the provincial-level forecast for the next 5 days. Thunderstorm Advisories, Heavy Rainfall Warnings, and Special Weather Forecast, allowing users to navigate through the five (5) websites seamlessly.

Moreover, the provincial-level weather forecast on the first day was divided into day and night forecasts. This information provides a more detailed weather forecast scenario and gives the public better planning and decision-making in their day-to-day activities.

PANaHON Platform
The PAGASA Nationwide Met-Hydro Observing Network, commonly known as PANAHON, represents a significant leap forward in the Philippines' meteorological and hydrological capabilities since it enables the public to access real-time data from various observational tools such as synoptic stations, Automatic Weather Stations (AWS), meteorological satellite, radar, and lightning detection systems in one map. PANaHON Decision Support Information Tool provides a timely understanding of weather conditions across the country by consolidating the data on a single interactive map. This not only enhances weather forecasting accuracy but also improves disaster preparedness and response, which is critical in a country frequently affected by typhoons and other severe weather events.
A standout feature of PANaHON is its user-friendly online platform allowing the public to visualize the real-time weather data from synoptic stations, which offer insights into atmospheric pressure, temperature, heat index, wind speed, and humidity. In addition to weather data, available weather satellites and radar images can aid users in tracking weather systems such as tropical cyclones, thunderstorms, etc. Also, lightning occurrence data is available on the PANaHON platform.
PANaHON can help disaster responders in planning and decision-making strategies. The combination of professional tools and public accessibility highlights PANaHON’s importance as a key instrument for improving weather monitoring, forecasting, and disaster management in the Philippines.
PAGASA’s Official Chance of Rain Product

Through the Technical Cooperation Project (TCP) between PAGASA and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) entitled “Capability Enhancement on High-Quality Weather Observation, Forecast, Warning and Information in the Philippines”, PAGASA developed a methodology to provide the “Chance of Rain” product. With this product, featuring the probability or likelihood of occurrence of a rainfall event in percentage (%), users are guided more in their decisions about their daily activities when preparing for such an event.

DOST-PAGASA will continue to enhance its forecast products and services in support of the government’s disaster and risk reduction efforts.

For more information and clarifications, please contact the Weather Forecasting Section at trunkline number 8284-0800 local 4802

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